ADKOTURK's top management, a leading instant noodle producer, is dedicated to ensuring the production of healthy, high-quality products. We adhere to national and international standards, implementing Food Safety and Quality Management Systems. Our commitment spans from raw materials to the final product, mitigating all risks, in alignment with our customer-centric principle.

Company Policies

Based on this commitment, we declare the following obligations:

To be in constant search for the best source for raw materials and infrastructure for modern production lines, to closely follow the developing technology, to compete at a high level in the sector and to increase our market share.

To employ the maximum possible number of Turkish labour force by checking their qualifications. To increase development and innovative thinking through continuous training, to adopt team spirit, to gain responsibility, to meet the policies and objectives of the company by increasing sensitivity to people and the environment.

To identify our risks and opportunities related to Occupational Health and Safety, to integrate them into our practices, to evaluate them and thus to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the prevention of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases.

To use our natural resources in the most efficient way and to take all necessary environmental measures in order not to harm the ecological balance.

To continuously improve the effectiveness of the systems by complying with national and international legal and regulatory requirements.

By adopting food safety and quality culture as a principle, to meet customer needs and expectations in the fastest and best way, to ensure satisfaction, to produce safe and quality products continuously with the joint efforts and efforts of all our employees.

To produce within the framework of national and international legislation and standards, halal accreditation body guidelines (HAK) and OIC/SMIIC standards by adhering to Islamic rules and values. To show maximum effort to produce products in accordance with Halal requirements in line with developing customer demands, to develop and maintain the culture of producing Halal products by supporting the training and development of all employees on Halal.

To support and ensure the continuity of this system by respecting human rights, being aware of the responsibilities towards the rules of law and ethical codes of conduct.

We are committed to ensuring that all means of communication are used to ensure internal and external communication.

We commit