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Everyone has an unforgettable story of meeting their favorite one. In the market, in the school canteen, in the vending machine at the ferry slip, in your brother's or sister's secret hiding spot at home, in the grocery store in your neighborhood, in the gas station where you take a break during a long journey... Tell us your unique story about how and where you first met Indomie by clicking on the form below. Join our world.

  • Asiye

    My mother bought it first from the market. It had been a while, we ate it and loved it. We buy the family pack, 5-packs now. My dad has been used to it, too. We eat it every weekend, and we love it, our favorite one is hot and spicy noodles.

  • Aslı

    I came from school, and no one was home, and I was so hungry. Anyway, I saw a noodle package in my brother's closet. He hid it from us :( I ate it, and of course, I loved it. Those days were so nice, I used to buy noodles every day after school.

  • Berfin

    We were in the dorm of the university, it was in Southeastern Türkiye and there was snow of 1m. Everywhere was closed. We were so hungry, the classes and exams were in a row. You cannot study on an empty stomach. My friend opened her closet. When we saw that there were 2 packs of Indomie instant noodles, we all got excited. We would not have been so happy if we had found gold. We got the hidden kettle (it was forbidden), prepared it, and ate it immediately.

  • Eren

    We were at a wedding party. I had gone there on an empty stomach, and they didn't serve food. So, I went out for a walk and went into a grocery store. Indomie caught my attention. So, I bought two packs of curry flavor instant noodles. When I got home, I prepared it following the instructions on the backside of the package, and I ate it. I've been an addict ever since.

  • Esmanur

    As usual, I was very hungry again. I entered the store; as a pasta lover, I saw Indomie instant noodles. I bought dozens of packages without hesitation. I have been enjoying it since that day <3

  • Duru

    Everyone was eating instant noodles, so I was wondering about their taste. I said, "Dad, let's buy instant noodles, I wonder how it tastes". Then we went to Migros and bought it. I know it's a very emotional story...

  • Özlem

    I have known Indomie due to my son's love for Indomie. He would fill the shopping cart with all kinds of Indomie instant noodles every time we went to the market. Every time he ate, he insisted on me saying, "Mom, please taste it, it's a great taste". I tasted it one day and I loved it. Now, I fill the shopping cart with Indomie instant noodles.

  • Aras

    We met about 8-9 years ago. Of course, it wasn't sold in grocery stores at that time, it was sold in large supermarkets, etc. I would beg my friends who went there to buy it for me because I was wondering it so much. Then, we got it, of course, it was my menu for the weekend course. I appreciate that it has always come to my rescue, it still does:))))

  • Elif

    One day, I went to a BIM store and I was looking for something quick to prepare because I am too impatient to wait for boiling the water for pasta. Then, I saw Indomie, ‘ready in 3 minutes’ was written on it. I have been an Indomie fan since that day.

  • Büşra

    I met Indomie at school. My friends were eating in the canteen and I really wondered about it. I went home, ran to the A101 store, and bought a few. Of course, I didn't know how to prepare it. I searched on YouTube and other channels. Then, I prepared and ate it and got addicted. It was delicious.

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We know that you said, "Indomie Instant Noodles is a legendary flavor in itself, even due to its spices only!" but we've prepared some recipes for foodies who want to enrich their food. If you say, "These are so simple, I will give you a noodle recipe now, and you will love it!" you can show your skills in the Cook Yourself section.

Chicken Dreams

Marinate the chicken breast with olive oil and soy sauce provided in the package. Then, fry the marinated chicken breast in olive oil, and add carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini in sequence. Once the vegetables are softened, set them aside. Then, boil Indomie Soy Sauce Flavored Instant Noodles, drain the water, and mix it with the spices provided in the package on the serving plate. Finally, add the chicken and vegetables that were set aside. This is it! Enjoy your meal!