Our Policies

Our Policies


The top management of ADKOTURK, the leading company  in the production of instant noodles, is committed to producing our healthy and high quality products in accordance with national and international standards according to the principles of Food Safety and Quality Management Systems by taking precautions against all kinds of risks from raw materials to the final product as a requirement of our principle of meeting the needs of our customers.

• To be in constant search for the best source for raw materials and infrastructure for modern production lines, to closely follow the developing technology, to compete at a high level in the sector and to increase our market share, 

 • To employ the maximum possible number of Turkish labour force by checking their qualifications. To increase development and innovative thinking through continuous training, to adopt team spirit, to gain responsibility, to meet the policies and objectives of the company by increasing sensitivity to people and the environment, 

• To identify our risks and opportunities related to Occupational Health and Safety, to integrate them into our practices, to evaluate them and thus to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the prevention of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases, 

• To use our natural resources in the most efficient way and to take all necessary environmental measures in order not to harm the ecological balance, 

• To continuously improve the effectiveness of the systems by complying with national and international legal and regulatory requirements, 

 • By adopting food safety and quality culture as a principle, to meet customer needs and expectations in the fastest and best way, to ensure satisfaction, to produce safe and quality products continuously with the joint efforts and efforts of all our employees, 

• To produce within the framework of national and international legislation and standards, halal accreditation body guidelines (HAK) and OIC/SMIIC standards by adhering to Islamic rules and values. To show maximum effort to produce products in accordance with Halal requirements in line with developing customer demands, to develop and maintain the culture of producing Halal products by supporting the training and development of all employees on Halal, 

• To support and ensure the continuity of this system by respecting human rights, being aware of the responsibilities towards the rules of law and ethical codes of conduct, 

• We are committed to ensuring that all means of communication are used to ensure internal and external communication.


To be the most well-known, preferred and leading brand in the noodle sector that is sensitive to the environment and people by using new generation technologies and that creates happy faces at the table.


To provide high-quality, healthy, delicious, and fast-consuming products that are sensitive to the expectations of our customers.


We have respect for the human and nature.

We work based on ethical procedures.

Our object is to provide continuity in customer satisfaction and high product quality.

We work to develop our effectiveness by creating cost awareness.

We work to improve and develop our workers, processes, and technologies continuously.


The main objective of our Human Resources Policy is to select human resources suitable for the corporate structure of our company, to ensure that training and development activities are carried out and to create a common corporate culture in accordance with laws, regulations and Food Safety.

In this context, in human resources management, it is aimed to recruit the manpower that will ensure the most efficient realisation of the company's activities, to ensure the motivation of the employees, to continuously improve the financial and social rights of the employees, to create a fair and professional working environment and to provide the necessary support to identify and meet the training needs of the personnel.

 Basic principles of our human resources policy;

Respect for people and equality are our core values while carrying out human resources practices such as determining the norm cadres in our company, determining the qualifications and competencies of personnel required for each job title, planning, selecting, recruiting, recruiting, assigning, developing human resources, determining and planning training needs, performance management, career planning, wage and fringe benefits management, communication with employees.

Encouraging personnel to work in accordance with ethical values and principles of ethical behaviour and to be loyal to the corporation,

To carry out Human Resources practices in accordance with Local and International Labour Laws and in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Human Rights, 

To determine, implement and evaluate the results for the benefit of the company, training programmes aiming to provide employees with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to increase their professional satisfaction and to ensure their success in the business environment,

To be respectful to people and the environment, to develop systems to prevent work accidents, to increase cooperation with competent authorities and local administrations, to prioritise Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment, to take and implement measures to respond to emergencies.


the Occupational Health and Safety Policy we, as Adkoturk Gıda Sanayi Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti, have adopted is based on respect for human beings and surrounding working environments.

Identification of our risks and opportunities related to Occupational Health and Safety and integration and evaluation of them into our practices, thus providing a safe and healthy working environment to prevent any Occupational Accidents and Diseases,

Planning measurable objectives for continuous improvement and achieving these targets

Complying with the Occupational Health and Safety legislation in force and other legal requirements related to Occupational Health and Safety in order to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors, contractors, and interested parties by ensuring compliance with the expectations of the workplace, buildings and their additions,

Determination of the risks of the working environment, identification of unsafe situations and movements that may cause occupational accidents and diseases, identification of possible accident risks in advance, taking them under control and taking necessary measures against the risks,

Creation of a culture where the habit of working in a safe and healthy manner is internalized by encouraging training and good practices, working with minimal risks by making continuous improvements,

Encouragement of employees to actively participate and creation of an open communication environment so that worker representatives take an active role in the organization of occupational health and safety and ensure the participation of employees,

Providing required sources for Occupational Health and Safety Activities.


Adkoturk Gıda San. Tic. Ltd. Şti‘'s quality and food safety policy is to comply with the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System, to continuously improve the Quality and Food Safety Management System requirements, to continuously improve the Quality and Food Safety Management System requirements, to be a trusted brand by producing high quality, safe products that comply with legal regulations, to comply with the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System, to comply with the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System in line with the vision of being a leading brand that is sensitive to the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers, sensitive to the environment and people, sensitive to the environment and people by using new generation technologies, within the framework of its mission to provide high quality, healthy, delicious and suitable for fast consumption. For this purpose;

To protect the health of our customers by providing quality and safe products / services, to provide the highest quality of service and to always adopt the principle of customer satisfaction as a basic principle,

Implementation of the quality management system with the participation of all employees, continuous improvement of product range, safety and quality,

Ensure legal compliance of Indomie products by effectively managing food safety regulations and other legal requirements,

To protect consumers with consistent and safe production by acting in accordance with GMP, HACCP and quality expectations,

Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our Food Safety management system to fulfil the requirements of ISO 22000:2018 standard and Quality management system to fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard,

To produce products free of imitation and adulteration from raw materials to the final product and to provide reliable products to our customers by taking preventive actions for food defence,

That all our packaging is selected from food-grade raw materials to ensure the safety and quality of the product throughout its shelf life,

All our food products have appropriate labelling on the packaging that clearly and accurately describes nutritional values, recommended consumption date, place of production and other important information such as the feedback channel,

Ensuring the training and competence of all our employees to fulfil their duties specified in this quality and food safety policy,

We are committed to increasing the awareness of all our employees, ensuring that they take action to prevent food safety hazards that may occur, and to continuously improve the quality and food safety culture with employees who can see and manage risks.


We act with the understanding of creating common value by contributing to Social Development with Social Responsibility awareness.

We take part in projects that will contribute to the development of society and provide donation support. 

We do not make our corporate donations and social support to projects, institutions and organisations that may damage Adkoturk's reputation, political activities and persons and organisations associated with these activities, private accounts and profit-seeking organisations.

We encourage our employees to participate in social activities such as environment, health, education and sports. We pay utmost attention to observe human and public health and protect the environment both in our own activities and in the activities of our suppliers and business partners.


Adkoturk Gıda Sanayi Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti adheres to the following policy in order to minimize the environmental degrading in the course of the development of its activities. 

Ensuring continuous improvement of our environmental impact through air emissions and especially waste management for the protection of our environment and controlling all kinds of activities that may affect environmental health, determination and revision of the environmental principles in this respect and development of an environmental management program,

Designation of environmental risk and opportunities, minimization of environmental risks.

Protection of and sustainability of global sources by using natural resources in the most efficient way.

Following environmental legislations and fulfillment of our obligations arising from these legislations.

Raising awareness among our employees and suppliers on climate change and contributing to the process,

Realizing new investments by considering environmental impacts,

Creation of a culture that encourages the maintenance and development of the system and provides the necessary resources to do so.